LCMS: Then and Now

Lake City Middle School is located in the community of Lake City, TN. The community is largely based on small businesses, which are locally owned and operated. Due to the closeness of Interstate 75, several fast food restaurants have located on the north end of town.

The early school system, which was originally the unincorporated Coal Creek community of Anderson County, had its beginning between the years of 1872-1880 as Coal Creek Academy.

Rocky Top Tn

In 1904, a frame building was constructed on the present site of Lake City Elementary School. During this time the high school and the elementary school were conducted in the same structure.

In 1923, the frame building was replaced by a $100,000 brick structure that included an auditorium which seated 1000 people. This structure proved adequate until 1950. By this time the high school enrollment had outgrown its building and the elementary school needed the structure for its expansion. So the city deeded a parcel of land to the county in return for securing a new building with a larger campus.

Lake City High School was constructed in 1951 to serve students in grades nine through twelve. As a result of the consolidation of Lake City High School and Norris High School in 1982, Lake City High School became Lake City Junior High School, which served students in grades seven through nine. When the ninth grade was moved to Anderson County High School in 1984, Lake City Junior High Schools became Lake City Middle School, which now serves grades six through eight.

In 1987, Lake City Middle School was renovated to its present condition. 2012 renovations include a new roof, AC for the gym, and indoor/outdoor security cameras.  Lake City Middle School was fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in 1990 and re-certified in 1995 and 2014.

Lake City Middle School's enrollment varies between 300-325 students. The students of Lake City Middle School are residents of a rural community. Approximately 5000 people live within Lake City and the surrounding area.

In 2014 the Lake City community was renamed Rocky Top.  This is a community with a proud past and a bright future.